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Parveen is 18 year old girl living in Izzatnagar Bareilly, Her Both parents are not in this world, yes she is orphan and suffering from SEVERE SUBACUTE PANCREATITIS WITH PSEUDO CYST AND ASCITES.  She was having pain in abdomen and went to see doctor when it was unbearable 1.5 months back since then she is on bed and given Treatment for pain and infection but not of what she actually had to be given i.e. endoscopic surgery and placing of stent to by pass her enzymes to deudonem where it belongs not abdomen and lungs. Her organs are dissolving and converting into dead cells, proteins and sugar. She is being admitted to G.K. Srivastava hospital pvt. ltd. rampur gardens, Bareilly U.P.

The cure of her illness is MRCP test (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography, in medical imaging, a technique to visualise the biliary tract and pancreatic ducts.) to detect leakage from pancreatic, which is not available in bareilly after detecting leakage it has to corrected by endoscopic surgery. she is not getting this treatment but she is being kept without food so as to not stimulate her pancrease and given antibiotics Meropenen & Sulbactam inj. and albumin i.v. Due to ascitis her abdomen cavity and lungs are filled with watery fluid and unbearable pain due to dissolving of her internal organs.


The Treatment is costing aproximately 1-2 lacs including medical and medical expenses.

You can find teatment here

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25/08/2015 03:08
She has been detected of bed soars today and given ointment for that. Yesterday fluid was sucked...